God is within her

Chelsea. Twenty. Midwest.

Follower of Christ.

Be still awhile and let God love you. For just a moment, don’t think about methods, or achievements, or past mistakes. Let God heal your heart, soothe your worries, and be your rock. Seek to utterly depend on Him.


I like empty roads

You are going to think “oh my god, I can’t make it.” and still you will take that next step. Courage is not facing the unknown with a steady hand, it’s going forward even if your sword is trembling in your hand. This is why we have to keep going, even when the world has stopped and you feel alone, you never stop. It is hard, this life is hard, and the call of Christ is even harder; but we must continue on the journey that is set before us, and we will make it to a land far greater than our own.

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I need to get some succulents for my apartment.

If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.

Charles Bukowski (How To Be A Great Writer)

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 vintage gold rose ring